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Kevin got me out of a Supreme Court claim that was based on me having signed two ‘director guarantees’.  He did so without me having to pay any of the money they claimed, and by which I otherwise stood to be bankrupted and lose my family home (over which they had lodged a caveat).


Kevin initially stopped them getting summary judgment against me, before he then convinced the court to join another party from overseas to pay any liability I may have had, and who eventually did pay some of the claim, whilst Kevin got that claim dismissed, by arguing it was an abuse of process because the claimant had failed to preserve evidence I required for my defence.


For 2 years I was then pursued in the Supreme Court by that overseas party, who also commenced another court case against me, before Kevin from Disputes Legal convinced them to stop and to make no further claims.  Thanks to Disputes Legal I’m free of this legal nightmare, by which I have no doubt that without Kevin’s valuable assistance I would have otherwise lost everything.

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Kevin not only stopped the other side from getting summary judgment against me and my company for a guarantee and other claims (from a previous settlement deal which other lawyers were not confident could be stopped), he also got a court order that the other side pay my legal costs of stopping them.

Disputes Legal then helped me to apply for the other side to pay money into court to secure the costs they had been ordered to pay me plus my future costs to go to trial, after which they finally agreed to settle for just a fraction of the amount they had sought judgment for.

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Disputes Legal is led by Kevin Morgan, who has over 3 decades of experience as a lawyer delivering solutions for business disputes, finding solutions others often cannot, preferably before a dispute arises, and where a dispute cannot be avoided knowing how to win and not lose and be always open to collaborate for commercial certainty.


Whether you face a back to the wall, bet the business dispute, or it’s more straight-forward, Disputes Legal can identify solutions and access a stable of independent lawyers to help find the right lawyer at the right price with the right solution.

Kevin Morgan Business Disputes Lawyer Perth